1. Year: 2020
  2. Issue: December 2020, Vol. 10, No. 4
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Article Title Author(s) Page
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: EvaluatiA Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: Evaluation of the β-Human Papillomavirus in Immunosuppressed Individuals with Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Mazaher Ramezani, Farideh Baharzadeh, Afshin Almasi, and Masoud Sadeghi 1-10
Astragalus fascicolifolius manna abortifacient risk and effects on sex hormones in BALB/c mice Mehrdad Shahrani, Najmeh Asgharzadeh, Soleiman Kheiri, Roya Karimi, Arezo Sadeghimanesh, Shirin Asgharian, and Zahra Lorigooini 11-17
Diagnostic accuracy of resistive index of capsular and intratesticular branches of testicular arteries in infertile men with oligoasthenospermia: A case-control study Mehdi Zolfaghar-Khani, Hadi Majidi Dr, Behzad Feizzadeh, and Mojtaba Sabaghi 18-22
The effect of opium addiction on short-term postoperative outcomes after coronary artery bypass graft surgery: A prospective observational cohort study Mohammad Reza Habibi, Abbas Alipour, Aria Soleimani, Farshad Hasanzadeh Kiabi, Ali Habibi, and Amir Emami Zeydi 23-28
Evaluation of subacute subarachnoid haemorrhage detection using a magnetic resonance imaging sequence: Double Inversion Recovery Zahra Mardanshahi, Maryam Tayebi, Sajad Shafiee, Maryam Barzin, Misagh Shafizad, Reza Alizadeh-Navaei, and Abdolmajid Gholinataj 29-35
Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Renal Vascular Tumor Anatomy to Facilitate Accurate Preoperative Planning of Partial Nephrectomy Chien-Heng Lin 36-41
Investigation the Effect of Jujube Capsule on Sleep Quality of Postmenopausal Women: A Double-blind Randomized Clinical Trial Razieh Mahmoudi, Somayeh Ansari, Mohammad Hosein Haghighizadeh, Nader Shakiba Maram, and Simin Montazeri 42-48
Persistent Palatal Hypertrophy Associated with Rapid Maxillary Expansion Procedure: Report of a Rare Case Mehmet Melih Omezli, Damla Torul, and Tolunay Avci 49-51
Mycobacterium fortuitum and Mycobacterium abscessus infections in the foot and ankle in two immunocompetent patients Khai Phang Wong, Zhi Hao Tang, and Gek Meng Tan 52-56