1. Year: 2020
  2. Issue: September 2020, Vol. 10, No. 3
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Article Title Author(s) Page
Association between Parkinson’s disease and proton pump inhibitors therapy in older people Shih-Wei Lai, Kuan-Fu Liao , Cheng-Li Lin, Chih-Hsueh Lin 1-4
A Review on Recent Advancements in Diagnosis and Classification of Cancers Using Artificial Intelligence Priyanka Ramesh, Ramanathan Karuppasamy, Shanthi Veerappapillai 5-17
Application of artificial neural network in predicting EI Elahe Allahyari 18-24
Effect of hy ect of hydroalcoholic Allium atr oalcoholic Allium atroviolaceum L. on the pathology violaceum L. on the pathology of testicular tissue in cyclophosphamide-treated mice Mehrdad Shahrani, Shirin Asgharian, Alireza Hosseini , Elham Bijad , Maryam Anjomshoa, Ayoob Rostamzadeh , Najmeh Asgharzadeh , Zahra Lorigooini 25-32
Evaluation of Sodium Valproate Low Dose Efficacy in Radicular Pain Management and It’s Relation with Pharmacokinetics Parameters Mona Ghasemian , Mohammad Bagher Owlia, Mohammad Hossein Mosaddeg , Masoud Nakhaie nejad , Seyed Mojtaba Sohrevardi 33-40
A Unique Intraluminal growth of Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma: A Case Report Mojtaba Mohammadi Ardehali, Shirin Irani, Mohammadreza Firouzifar 41-44
Multiple myeloma with intracranial and spinal intradural metastasis: A case repor Wei-Lin Hsu, Jeng-Hung Guo, Ying-Ying Hun , Der-Yang Cho, Der-Cherng Chen 45-49