1. Year: 2016
  2. Issue: June 2016 Vol. 6 No. 1
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Article Title Author(s) Page
Current concepts regarding developmental mechanisms in diabetic retinopathy in Taiwan
Shih-Yin Chen, Yuan-Man Hsu, Ying-Ju Lin, Yu-Chuen Huang, Chao-Jung Chen, Wei-De Lin, Wen-Lin Liao, Yng-Tay Chen, Wei-Yong Lin, Yu-Huei Liu, Jai-Sing Yang, Jinn-Chyuan Sheu, Fuu-Jen Tsai 1-8
Risks and benefits of zolpidem use in Taiwan: a narrative review
Shih-Wei Lai 9-11
Alleviative effects from boswellic acid on acetaminophen-induced hepatic injury
Lung-Che Chen, Li-Hong Hu, Mei-Chin Yin 12-11
Multidetector computed tomography in the evaluation of pediatric acute abdominal pain in the emergency department
Wei-Ching Lin, Chien-Heng Lin 20-24
Prevalence and factors of elevated alanine aminotransferase in central Taiwan – a retrospective study
Hsien-Feng Lin, Shih-Wei Lai, Wen-Yuan Lin ,Chiu-Shong Liu, Cheng-Chieh Lin, Ching-Mei Chang 25-30
Hypothyroidism may exacerbate valproate-related hyperammonemic delirium
Chung-Chieh Hung, Chieh-Hsin Lin, Hsien-Yuan Lane 31-32