1. Year: 2014
  2. Issue: December 2014 Vol. 4 NO. 4
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Article Title Author(s) Page
Retinoic acid and cancer treatment
Mei-Chih Chen, Shih-Lan Hsu, Ho Lin, Tsung-Ying Yang 1-6
Molecular targets for anti-oxidative protection of green tea polyphenols against myocardial ischemic injury
Shih-Rong Hsieh, Wei-Chen Cheng, Yi-Min Su, Chun-Hwei Chiu, Ying-Ming Liou 7-16
New mechanisms of antiplatelet activity of nifedipine, an L-type calcium channel blocker
Tz-Chong Chou 17-24
Mass spectrometry-based proteomics in Chest Medicine, Gerontology, and Nephrology: subgroups omics for personalized medicine
Shih-Yi Lin, Wu-Huei Hsu, Cheng-Chieh Lin, Chao-Jung Chen 25-36
Lyophilized particles and ethanolic extracts of Antrodia cinnamomea mycelia suppress the tumorigenicity of head and neck cancer cells in vivo
Ching-Wen Chang, Yu-Syuan Chen, Chien-Chih Chen, Chin-Chu Chen, Sen-Je Sheu, Ting-wei Lin, Te-Chang Lee, Jeng-Fan Lo 37-41
Ectodermal dysplasia (ED) syndrome
Siew-Yin Chee, Chung-Hsing Wang, Wei-De Lin, Fuu-Jen Tsai 42-43